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Song lyrics Frankie Lymon & The Teenagers - Little Bitty Pretty One

"I'll call the cops!"
"Yeah baby, you call the police and tell them we got two imposters up here running a scam because I'm Ms. Frankie Lymon!"
"I'm Mrs. Frankie Lymon!" "I am Mrs. Frankie Lymon"
"Jesus Christ, it's a God damn game show!"
Gang! Ballin' Like I'm Kobe the mixtape

They like "Herbo you so hot", that's everywhere I go
They like "Herbo you so high", and I'm like "yeah I know"
I keep .45 on my side, man you know I can't go
Niggas plotting, I know they mad cause I got all these rolls

All these hoes, all these clothes, all these jewels
All these drugs, all my niggas, all these tools
All these bitches over me, they don't want you
Hunned-fifty with me, run up, they gon' shoot
All my diamonds, I be shinin'
Presidential Rollie, it say timeless
All I know is hustle, I be grindin'
If you looking for me, you can find me

[Verse 1:]
If you looking you can find me on the 8 block me and all my niggas grindin'
"Herbo, whats been happening since the tape dropped?" Me and all my niggas shinin'
Wrist cost me bout a brick still look on my phone to see what time is
And my fit cost a couple G's, I can see a deal before I sign it
All these bitches over me, I feel like Frankie Lymon
I'm so high, I may O.D, I feel like Frankie Lymon
I might spend a couple grand a week and stack enough to buy a couple diamonds
I might buy my sis a couple 'fits if she get an A on her assignment
I'm a young nigga, I'm a businessman, I take care of business, man
And I and a slap a bitch in a minute, man, so yes, I'm a minuteman
Keep my pistol on me everywhere I go, don't give a fuck about no sentence, man
Off the drink you know it got me moving slow, I'm leaning like I'm trynna kick a stand

[Bridge + Hook]

[Verse 2:]
Sippin' drank, smokin' pack, wishin' I could get my niggas back
Rollin' up the thrax, pour a hi-tech, but I really miss the act
Fuck a nigga bitch, then I give her back
Don't want her to get attatched
A nigga shoot at me, bitch I'm shooting back
Make sure you remember that
I don't gotta worry bout who finna' blow, all my niggas into that
I don't look at tags, while I'm in the store, all I do is spend a sack
I don't trip about it, I'm a hustler, I know I'mma get it back
20's, 50's, 100's, Herbo thumbin' through a check
Want a feature? Hit my jack, I ain't hoppin' on it if it's wack
Fuck a industry catch me in the streets, might not send your money back
And my gun up on me if a nigga run up on me, he ain't running back

[Bridge + Hook]
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